Class Descriptions

Creative Movement


A fun 45 minute class designed to set your little dancer free! The first half of the year concentrates on gross motor skills, coordination, and working together. The second half of the years basic ballet positions and steps taught with proper terminology.



Ballet classes are taught from beginner to advanced levels. Students are taught proper body placement, body alignment, barre and center work, along with across the floor combinations. All levels use correct classical ballet terminology. Advanced classes include adagio and allegro work. Classical Ballet technique is learned through repetition.

Combo Classes


These classes are designed to introduce students to the beginning fundamentals of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Ballet includes barre work, across the floor, and center work. Tap and Jazz include introductory skills, stretching and technique.

TAP (8+)

Tap is a style of dance involving rhythm, dynamics, and varying sounds. Tappers will have a graduated warm-up to loosen their ankles and knees for proper execution of skills. Across the floor and center work will perfect new skills.



Jazz classes are fun and energetic. Classes include stretch and strengthening exercises. Floor work and across the floor progressions perfect new techniques.



Lyrical is a style of dance that embodies emotion and mood of the music. Students will have a warm-up focusing on core strength and flexibility. Technique is perfected with center work combinations and across the floor progressions. Students enrolled in Lyrical are STRONGLY encouraged to take an age appropriate ballet class.

Open Flexibility


Always wanted to master the perfect split? This is the class for you. Work on strength and flexibility through floor and barre work. Advanced students are STRONGY encouraged to attend.